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Cementitious Waterproofing with Drizoro, 2017

Michael Pollock from Privilege Homes is in the middle of building a custom 93 square, high-end residence in Mt Eliza. A major challenge for Michael was related to the waterproofing of a large 15m x 6m wine cellar that will hold 5,000 bottles and an adjoining 103,000 litre swimming pool.

Not only is the property sloping but there is also a large perspex window in-between the cellar and the pool. As you can imagine, finding a waterproofing solution for both these areas was a high priority.

Michael has been a customer of Bowens for many years and his account manager is Michael King from the Hastings branch. When the scale and complexity of the waterproofing requirements became evident, Andrew Healey, a Product Innovations Specialist at Bowens was called upon to come and visit the site.

As Andrew explains: “Michael knew that he needed waterproofing. He was looking at a few solutions but when we explained how easy it was to apply Drizoro and the fact that it could go onto a wet wall, that really ticked a lot of boxes for him.”

Michael agrees, saying that is was huge plus to be able to apply Drizoro to green concrete and not have to worry about full curing. This was especially the case as he had started the initial waterproofing process in the middle of winter. “We can apply Drizoro the day after concreting which speeds up the whole construction process,” says Michael.

Bowens invited Bruce Leslie, the Australian distributor of Drizoro from Scientific Waterproofing Products, to visit the project and advise on the correct solutions. As Bruce explains: “We are dealing with many different surfaces including concrete block, concrete shotcrete and wood. Pipe protrusions coming into the pool were of particular concern as there would be vibration from pumps and water hammer which could cause issues.”

Max Joint Elastic, a flexible waterproof membrane, was applied to the pipes. When the product sets, not only is it waterproof but it is highly flexible which is a huge benefit in this application.

“Whilst we put Max Joint Elastic around the pipe we have a substrate that is very porous. We decided to use Max Seal Flex on the concrete to ensure we have water proofing continuity from the pipe all the way to the concrete”, says Bruce.

Max Seal Flex can be used in a wide range of applications. For example, it can be used for waterproofing retaining walls, basement car parks, rainwater tanks, rooftop concrete balconies, fishponds and planter boxes.

Bruce provided Michael with a full catalogue of waterproofing solutions, complete with specifications, for all his waterproofing requirements. This included the external walls of the cellar, which are up to 3 meters below natural ground.

As part of the consultancy service, Bruce trained one of Michael’s builders, Jeremy Bire who was responsible for the application of Drizoro. Whilst it is a straightforward process to apply Drizoro, having the training available gave Jeremy the confidence to proceed on his own.

Jeremy explains that: “Getting trained meant I had the right ratios of the mixing to make sure that it went on properly. With the guarantee of the product being in the installation being done correctly, it was very important to get that right”.

Andrew Healey is available for site visits. He will step builders through the entire process so that they can be 100% sure they are using the right products for the job. For Michael, this training meant he could be sure of the correct methodologies being applied so there would not be any issues in the future.

Michael says; “I like the fact that Drizoro is a cement-based product that sticks to cement. A lot of waterproofing products are acrylic based which don’t like it over time. I think it will be a great result at the end of the day.”

Max Seal Flex is very versatile because it provides a negative pressure waterproofing solution. In areas that are difficult to access such as the back of a wall, you can still waterproof the wall by applying it to the front. Jeremy was keen to use Max Seal Flex on water tanks, which are a good example of this scenario.

All Bowens branches are fully ranged with Drizoro products. If you are interested in learning more about Drizoro and are unsure of their correct application, contact your account manager or visit your local branch.

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