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“ When I deliver a luxurious custom home with functional design and unique features throughout,  my passion is fuelled by the reaction of the homeowners and peers. I look at every project with  pride and acknowledgment of all those who collaborated to make it happen.”
Michael Pollock

At Privilige, we are about building outstanding homes.

We draw our inspiration from various countries around the world where architectural designs are constantly changing and being challenged into creating the ultimate home of not only solitude and peace, but breathtakingly organic in nature. We collaborate with the experts right here in Australia who craft "Pre-Cast" concrete panelling for the designs that are created in-house at Privilige. We are passionate to bring this product to the residential client who appreciates the look and the affordability. The build time is also cut considerably, which is especially crucial in the ever changing climate of Victoria. With this in mind, your new home will be at lock up stage in a minimal time frame as well as having much less impact on the environment. Along with commercial grade windows and high-performance double glazing, it will ensure your house's energy efficiency will stand the test of time.  We delight in using different textures and finishes, which make your home unique and timeless.


Our director, Michael Pollock, has almost 30 years experience in the building industry and has achieved credibility evident in all projects undertaken. He has been behind some of Melbourne's most iconic building facades such as Spencer Street Station, Toyota Headquarters, Melbourne Convention Centre and many more. Michael began his career as a carpentry apprentice, then moving into project management and facade design for large commercial firms before realising his passion for home design and building had to materialise. Michael's latest project, "Mount Martha 1", became a life changing venture with unexpected doors opening. His attention to detailed design and quality is prominent throughout.   


We hope to bring our clients into our Privilige family and create a design and home that will give them satisfaction. Due to our trusted partners and relationships within the industry, our price will be very competitive and you can relax that your journey will be a positive and affordable one. 


Our history in building residential homes is still growing, but the latest project will be again on the Mornington Peninsula, and we are very excited to soon begin our "Pre-Cast" panel house that will be showcasing our passion for new design in this area. Stay tuned as the build will feature on our website through the construction.


It is a Privilige to build. Our passionate, expert team pride ourselves in building you a magnificent home and bring about a truly rewarding journey.


At Privilige Homes, Design, Construct, Deliver is our motto. Simple, straightforward, with no hidden costs, and that is exactly how it should be.  Client involvement is welcome at all the important stages of your home.


If you have any queries, please contact us.


- The Privilige Team


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